Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feed your soul: free artwork!

I've been a bit focused on arty stuff lately. Check out this amazing site: it's called Feed Your Soul: the free art project. The pictures are fantastic - I downloaded this one for my daughter Clara's room. Her room is themed pink and orange so it's perfect. And in a white frame it looks great! There are lots of different styles and genres of artwork, all done by artists who seem pretty professional to me (in my humble opinion! but hey, you like what you like!). I found quite a few prints on here I'd happily stick on my walls...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Printables for Mother's Day!

I have been following Kim from the Tomkat Studio for some time now - she is a fantastic designer and a real inspiration. She's gone from designing bits and pieces in her spare time to world-wide domination! Well, not quite, but she does a lot of TV and magazine work now, so has become a bit of a star. As well as selling her designs, she lets us have some of her printables for free every now and then, and here are some for Mother's Day. If you feel like baking a few cupcakes or need some gift tags for presents, and you want to pretty them up a bit, here's your solution. Very sweet, and I'm sure your Mum will appreciate the extra effort! These printables are found over at Project Nursery - a site Kim contributes to.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rain... and more rain

It's been raining here most of the weekend, but I've found a children's book illustrator called Sarah Jane who has cheered me up no end. Look at her beautiful, old-fashioned illustration of a little girl in blustery rainy autumn weather - I love it. Unfortunately she only sells her prints on the craft site etsy in the US, but for a little extra postage this print could be yours! Check out her other illustrations, they are truly amazing.

Free Easter printables!

For those of you who like to get a little creative at Easter, here are some lovely little Easter printables from Spagat blog. This is the blog of a Danish graphic designer, and we all know how styley those Scandinavians are! You could hang them from a few branches like in the photo, or pop them on the front of an Easter card. It could be a great project to keep the kids busy!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A bit of Easter inspiration

This is a fabulous table setting by a company called Styled, found through Elizabeth Anne Designs. It looks quite vintage, but that's the great thing about it - I felt like maybe I could do something like this too with the things lying around my house, plus a little creativity. I especially like the calligraphy on the plain brown paper bags - great place settings. This project was one of three different table settings, all with an Easter theme. Check out the other two at EAD.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stunning photography... a woman called Elena, found through Creature Comforts who are the wonderful people that brought us the online magazine Gifted (an earlier post about Christmas ideas). I wish I could enlarge this onto an ENORMOUS canvas and put it on my bedroom wall! I do have it as my screensaver - so at least I get to see it every day. Fabulous colour palette along the bottom too - very inspirational.

An outdoor "room" to die for

My husband is a landscaper and so I'm always quite interested in what's going on in the world of outdoor living. I especially like these kind of hideaways... kind of like a grown-ups' playhouse! A great place to escape - that is if you have a spare minute to escape. With two small children, that doesn't happen often for me, but in the meantime I'll keep dreaming about when my husband can incorporate one of the these fantastic retreats into our garden!
Picture from housetohome.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Come heart with me...

...that's the name of the party for this 5 year old. Her Mum is a hugely talented photographer and the photos and styling on this are just beautiful. In love with this one! I found this on the blog P is for Party - a site that is just full of fantastic party inspiration. You can't go wrong with great design and stunning photography!
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